About NYC Power Status

NYC Power Status makes significant contributions to the environment and society. We are responsible for important research, conservation, consumer awareness, and more. We offer valuable resources to companies. We mobilize businesses to expand and speed up the adoption of sustainable business practices and solutions. Our key focus is on water management, clean energy, sustainable agriculture and pollution management.

Our goals

We want to achieve a sustainable global economy. Our specific goals include:

Encourage companies to have honest accounting practices so that carbon pollution is checked.

Provide solutions for green innovation.

Design policies to discourage high-polluting technologies and rewarding the cleaner technologies.

Help companies set measurable targets for achieving sustainability.

Help develop incentive schemes for using energy efficient ways of conducting business.

How we achieve it

We take various steps to encourage companies to become more sustainable by cutting down their energy usage and creating a more efficient work environment. We take the following initiatives to increase the awareness of developing a sustainable future.

You reach out many schools and colleges every year through various programs on environmental sustainability.

We try to convince university authorities to start post graduate degrees on different disciplines of sustainable development.

We conduct research on how to use renewable energy everywhere and reduce our energy bills.

We publish journals, magazines, and books for readers of all ages and fields.

We produce videos to highlight stories related to sustainable development.

We hold events and conferences throughout the year to make people aware of the importance of sustainable development.

We act as an information center on energy, climate, and the environment.

We provide training to employees of the companies to use renewable energies for day-to-day activities.