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5 steps to obtaining sustainable business in 2016

5 steps to obtaining sustainable business in 2016

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by August 29, 2016 Blog, Business, Sustainable

Almost all companies want to be sustainable but often find it difficult to reach its goal. There are several challenges on the way such as inadequate public policy, heavy reporting, etc. To achieve business sustainability, you need to have business models that are grounded in environmental, financial and social concerns. A sustainable company creates long-term financial value. They know what will affect the environment and try to reduce the negative effects. Here are 4 steps that will help to shape a sustainable future.

Create smart and integrated public policy

Building sound public policy on environmental issues is important. Companies need to have clear and steady direction from governments regarding matters such as carbon pricing, tariffs for new energy-generation sources, etc. There must be a clear intersection of the energy, environmental, social and economic policies. With clear policies, companies can invest in new technologies and staff training for achieving sustainability.

Engage value in chain members

There must be effective collaboration to increase sustainability across a value chain. Companies should be able to do what is necessary to improve the social and environmental impacts within their tasks. Companies must align the actions of distributors, suppliers and other members of the value chain. Major brands must share their best practices with others.

Have a national dialogue on responsible consumption

Companies need the support of the consumers to have a sustainable business practice. Consumers must be willing to pay more for environmentally responsible products. Consumers must be engaged in national dialogues about sustainability so that they can make informed decisions about responsible consumption.

Communicate sustainability goals across the company

Companies need to communicate the company’s vision of sustainability so that everyone in the company understands it and embraces it. However, it is a challenge to reach every employee in a large organization.

Include sustainability within the corporate culture

The CEO of a company has a short tenure. It is a challenge to have a sustainability strategy within such a short time. The next CEO may have a new business policy, so the previous strategy remains on hold or gets dismissed. So, companies need to include sustainability into their culture so that even if the CEO leaves, the strategy doesn’t lose the momentum.

Companies that have adopted sustainable business practices care about their customers, employees, and communities, making a positive social change. We all must follow their footsteps to create a better environment for all of us.



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